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Patient snaps photo of Dr. Martin arriving at the office. This probably explains why Dr Martin is fully awake for the 8:00 AM patients!  

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Jasmine Alden


As I waited for my name to be called to walk across the stage and accept my degree, I felt nervous, excited and an enormous feeling-of accomplishment. My whole life I had studied and worked hard to rise above my financial disadvantage and make it to that point. As I heard the Dean call my name I knew all eyes were on me for that brief moment. I thought about my Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother three generations, who have encouraged me and told me I could do anything. Once I received my degree and smiled for the cameras, I sat back down and stared in disbelief; everything I had worked so hard for was now right in front of me. I have just begun my education and life is all about continuous learning.

A recent graduate with my BA in Psychology, I moved up North to be closer to my Mother. A series of hardships has caused her to be disabled and have chronic back pain. When I was just a few months old my mother and I were in a terrible car accident. Her car lost control and we went crashing over a cliff. The car behind us followed us down and pulled us out of the car, saving both of our lives. I was just a tiny baby buckled into my car seat my mother however, had no seat belt, which resulted in severe damage.

The first time I remember going to the chiropractor, the Doctor, was so knowledgeable and made us feel welcome Our chiropractor Dr. Charles Martin is my inspiration to further my education and get my Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer University. I feel as if I am finally pursing the right path. It makes me feel special and important to help people, in my opinion we were all put on this earth for a reason. I feel helping as many people as possible and relieving their pain through chiropractic is my reason. We went to Dr. Martin for the majority of my childhood it was over ten years. Once I went away to college, little did I know I would miss going to visit Dr. Martin just as much as I missed my family. Just about a year after I had moved to San Diego for college, after many long hours studying I called my mother and told her I really need to come home to visit her and more importantly to make a trip to Dr. Martin. Chiropractic has relieved so much stress and pain for so many, Dr. Martin is as my Mom says her angel, and without him she is certain she would be in a wheel chair.

That visit felt different as a young adult, I looked at all of Dr. Martin's awards and achievement plaques, as well as his degree from Palmer. He has been a chiropractor for over twenty years. I thought about all the people whom he has helped and what a great career choice he had made. It was like a bright light bulb went off in my mind. I can be anything I want and I am determined to become a successful chiropractor.

School is a stepping-stone on the way up to bigger better things. Once I had a chance to be out of school and work seven days a week at two jobs, I came to the conclusion I have worked too hard to stop now. I am so determined and motivated to rise up until I succeed. There is no better time than now to further my education and make something of myself. In my pursuit of becoming the best chiropractor possible, it is important to further my education at the first and best university Palmer. It is my goal and ultimate dream to have my own practice ten years from now and my own wall full of awards and plaques, my BA Degree in Psychology, with the main achievement my framed Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer University. Success will be mine when I can inspire and help light the way for a new generation of motivated, young, creative and interested prospective chiropractic students like myself.

Jasmine, now Dr. Jasmine Lee Joseph, very successfully practices today in Brooklyn, NY.  Congratulations!!

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Dr. Martin (dark coat) enjoys speaker at the Symposium he designed.

 Professionally, I was the key force behind solidifying the newly activated Gonstead Clinical Studies Society College of Fellows. It has gone from 30 years of a “title” only to an organized, fully functioning College whose goal/purpose is to collect office based clinical research, extend and coordinate the educational continuum of study and the progression of clinical competency of the new Chiropractic student to the top levels of clinical practice; to validate emerging clinical concepts and applications to patients; and to input the Society's Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference. I am happy to see that the Meeting of the Minds conference has continued to provide the Society’s Diplomates and experienced practioners with contemporary input from within and without our Society. The meeting was originally conceived of, organized and moderated by myself for the past 12 years. In 2017, I will remain active overseeing the implementation of the activities of the College of Fellows and continuing to refine them.   


Gonstead Clinical Studies Society College of Fellows

Above:  ​Dr. Martin (dark coat) enjoys a speaker of 14th annual Gonstead Meeting of the Minds Conference that he started and directed from 2004 to 2014, with Dr. Jack Rosser, one of the Clinicians at the Gonstead Clinic when it first opened. He seems equally interested.


The College of Fellows in a Clinical Discussion Session


Kind words from Dr Jerry Menedez, new director of the Gonsetad Meeting of the Minds

 Who was Dr. Clarence Gonstead?

In the early 1960's word was spreading throughout the world that there was a chiropractor in a small farming community in Wisconsin to whom people of all ages, and walks of life, were flocking. Who was this man and what was his method? The man was Clarence S. Gonstead. He became a chiropractor in 1923 following a personal experience with chiropractic that had helped his body heal from a painful, crippling rheumatoid arthritis. With a background in mechanical engineering, he came to apply the principles of this discipline to the evaluation of the spine. As part of a life long study of the spine, he would often fly his private plane to Indianapolis to dissect, study, stain, photograph spines at the Lincoln College of Chiropractic.

Based on his studies, he developed the "foundation principle" to explain how a joint fixation/mis-alignment in one area of the spine created compensatory bio-mechanical changes and symptoms in another. He was a pioneer in the chiropractic profession, developing equipment and methods of analysis that used more than one criteria to verify the precise location and nature of the vertebral subluxation (A subluxation is a specific spinal bone that is fixated or "stuck" resulting in nerve disturbances and interfering with the ability of the body to recover and maintain health). 

A Unique Application.  Considering his system, in light of current knowledge, it is surprising that the concept of adjusting the spine only if and when there is a fixation, has not been universally accepted. Gonstead stated in the 1940's, "Therein lies the uniqueness of my work - The Gonstead Technique has a specific application on the affected segment or segments only." His approach is often summarized by the phrase he coined, “Find the subluxation, correct it, and, leave it alone”. The common sense, evident in his work, is often also stated in most other fields as: "If it isn’t broke, don't fix it."  


Longevity. Is it only genetics, or is some of it up to you?  Staying active is one of the important ways to stay young as you age. The New England Centenarian Study, conducted in Boston, found that longevity does indeed run in families. You are four times more likely to live past 90 if you have a parent that is a centenarian. But is that the whole story? Hardly. There are lifestyle changes you can adopt now to add years to your life. 

Try these: ·        
1. Eat a healthy diet ·  2. Get sufficient sleep ·  3. Exercise 30 minutes at least five days a week ·  4. Don’t smoke ·   5. Keep your mind alert and engaged ·   6. Stay optimistic ·   7. Socialize regularly ·   8. Lose excess weight ·    9. Drink plenty of water ·   10. Get appropriate chiropractic check ups ·   11. Avoid risky behaviors (addictions, sky-diving, etc.) Many factors influence life expectancy. Fortunately, some are under our control. Do you want to live to be 100? Then start making some changes so you can get there!

Go to http://www.agingresearch.org/calculator and take the quiz. It's never too late to start changing bad habits… good luck!