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 Martin Chiropractic Center provides the highest level of manual correction and treatment of structural spine alignment and function. This clinical approach was developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, and is Chiropractic's Gold Standard (see below). The treatment approach has predictably helped improve conditions like back pain, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, disc alignment, spinal degeneration, arm pain, leg pain, and other common conditions related to the spine, may are listed below.  Dr. Martin understands that other factors influence health and provides supportive advice. We believe in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy involving physical adjustments of the spine, education, nutritional advice, and wellness planning as part of the treatment approach. You will be in good hands at Martin Chiropractic Center. 

Services/ Approaches



We are proud to offer the following services:

       •   Corrective Chiropractic   •                 •   X ray Services   •
•   Nutrition and Exercise/Physical rehabilitation Counseling   •
•    Wellness Planning    •
•    Stress Reduction Methods     •        

We specialize in and treat:


Sciatica  •  Disc Alignment  •  Joint Pain  •   Achilles Tendinitis  •  Spinal Degeneration  
•  Headaches  •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  •  Whiplash  •  Sports Injuries  •  Neck Pain  •  Stiff Neck  •  Arthritis  •  Frozen shoulder  •  Hip pain  •  Pulled hamstrings  •  Radiating Arm and Leg Pain  •  Sprained Ankles  •  Sprained Ankles  •  Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and Tears  •  Tennis Elbow  •  Chronic Wrist Pain 

The Gonstead Technique- Chiropractic’s "Gold Standard”


Dr. Martin has attained the status of Fellow- the highest level of Gonstead proficiency. He developed and chaired the committee that tests proficiency of doctor's for the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, and leads their Diplomate Annual Meeting.

First a detailed analysis of the spine is done to find the specific vertebral dysfunction. This is followed by a very careful, precise, and specific correction of the spinal subluxation. Treatment is never a generalized, generic mobilization of vertebrae.   

Thorough Spinal Analysis/ Evaluations each visit


 1.    Palpation. Feeling and comparing the deeper musculature, and joints, and superficial texture of the skin over the spine for the swelling, heat or hydration associated with inflammation.

2.    Motion palpation. Feeling and comparing how each level of the spine moves, finding lack or excessive movement a vertebra in relation to neighboring vertebrae.

3.    Instrument Assessment. Instrumentation to detect abnormal temperature patterns over the spine, associated with inflammation, abnormal blood flow, or metabolism. 

4.    Visualization. Observing postural imbalance, gait problems, poor symmetry or range of motion, skin discoloration/texture.

5.    X-ray. Precise measuring and marking of the positions and relationships between vertebrae, with the spine in total and gravity. 

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Your care is specific to the conditions found. It is based on your prior history, your findings (above) and the nature of your complaints. The goal of your treatment is to correct your spinal dysfunction, improve nerve function, and the function of your body. As the above physical signs are noted to improve and your problem improves, the doctor's job is finished. This is the only method treatment that can predictably lead to a correction of the spine's function, with a healthy resolution of your complaints. 

In many cases the source of your back pain or hip pain may come from a single or from multiple disc alignment problems, and may cause leg pain or sciatica. Neck pain or mid- back/ scapular pain can present with headaches, dizziness, migraines, or arm pain. 

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 It is common that these follow from a new or even an old abrupt fall or whiplash. Again locating the correct source of the spinal dysfunction is important for a rapid, positive recovery. Good spine treatment will alter the usual course of spinal degeneration as well. 


Call and speak with Dr. Martin or staff if you have any questions concerning this careful, highly precise, highly safe approach to chiropractic spinal care. If you have any questions regarding any conditions that are not listed above, call the doctor or submit them from the contact page.   

Martin Chiropractic Center @ (831) 373-7756

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